Budapest Pizzeria – Try one of the best sourdough Italian pizzas near Astoria!

In Budapest, a new pizzeria has opened its doors. Neverland goes back in time when yeast was not
present in Italian pizzas. The result? One of the best sourdough pizzas in Budapest you can taste!
No need to go all the way to Italy to eat a heavenly Neapolitan pizza. It also contains fewer carbs
and has low gluten content which means easier digestion.

When will you give it a taste?

Culinary delight in Budapest

Why Neverland loves sourdough Neapolitan pizza

It's tastier!

Thanks to the fermented sourdough, you get a richer, more distinctive flavor compared to traditional Neapolitan pizza dough. This is something Neverland’s pizzeria in Budapest is very proud of! The microorganisms in the sourdough bring out the flavors of the ingredients. Every bite is a culinary delight!

It's crispy!

Thanks to the slow fermentation process and relatively low temperatures, the dough's structure is perfectly formed. The result is a crispy crust and a light dough – this is one of the Italian pizzas you can taste in Budapest.

You won’t be so thirsty afterward!

The average hydration level of a traditional Neapolitan pizza is between 60-65%. Neverland’s Pizzeria in Budapest prepares an Italian pizza that has a 70% hydration level. This means that after eating our sourdough pizza, you won't feel as parched.

It's easier to digest!

The slow fermentation process of sourdough pizza predigests the gluten, so the amount of gluten that needs to be broken down by your body is way less, making it easier to digest.

Low-GI pizza!

The bacteria and fungi yeast in the sourdough enhances the nutritional value of the dough. This not only makes the pizza delicious to eat but also more nutritious. Thanks to the lower GI (glycaemic index), you'll feel full for longer and it won't even spike your blood sugar level!

Premium local and Italian toppings!

The usual Neverland level of professionalism is present here too. Carefully selected, quality toppings complete the Italian experience in one of Budapest’s top pizzeria.

Pizzeria in Budapest’s city center

In Budapest, Neverland’s pizzeria is a place where we’ve combined our open kitchen and bar to offer
a true gastronomic experience. Every bite reflects our expertise and attention to detail.

Our unique menu includes oven-baked dishes, guaranteeing the freshness and harmony of flavors.
Our pizzas are cooked to perfection in 1.5 minutes, the dough is thin and crispy, which you feel in that heavenly first bite. Other dishes are served in unique handmade clay pans and thanks to careful preparation, they will be on your table in just a few minutes after ordering.

Everything in our kitchen is designed to satisfy our guests. Within 5-6 minutes of ordering, you can already enjoy a delicious meal like no other.

Quality is more important to us than anything else.

In summer, Neverland’s pizzeria in Budapest becomes a true paradise when we open our terrace to
let in natural light and fresh air.

If you are looking for professional and fast service, and one of the best Italian pizzas in Budapest, we
welcome you to Neverland! We are passionate about catering and preparing delicious food.

Treat yourself to a true Neapolitan pizza!

Neverland’s Italian pizzeria in Budapest – Sourdough and wholegrain pizza

Neverland’s Italian pizzeria in Budapest reflects a unique concept. We aim to offer not only one of the best pizzas in Hungary but also healthier alternatives to bring this Italian culinary experience to
more people.

You can choose from two different dough bases, both with unique and carefully crafted recipes.

1. Homemade sourdough pizza

Pizza made from 100% Neapolitan durum flour, matured for a long time with wild yeast, which results in an easy-to-digest, healthy, outstanding-tasting pizza.

We can preserve the best available raw materials with the highest quality processing process, in which perfectly clean water, a gentle kneading process, manual processing and a minimum of 48 hours of wild yeast fermentation are important, which makes the dough easier to digest, increases the freely available amino acids and helps the minerals , absorption of trace elements.

2. Low-carb and low-gluten wholegrain pizza.

Our commitment to health has created our healthiest pizza dough, which contains 100% more elemental fiber.

Our whole grain flour, which contains specialties such as purple and spelled wheat, as well as emmer and einkorn ancient grains, is freshly ground in the factory in a granite stone mill in order to retain the most of the flour’s outstanding health-supporting components (vitamins, minerals, trace elements).

How Italian pizza is made in our restaurant in Budapest

We don't just make Italian pizza in Budapest – we serve a unique experience in our pizzeria.

The sourdough base is uniquely made from organic wholegrain cereals. This ingredient is the soul of pizza making.

The sourdough is brought to life using a French sourdough machine, carefully fed with chilled, purified water so that chlorine and magnesium do not affect the flavor.

Our choice of a special Italian flour is the basis for the rest of the pizza and ensures the highest quality.

As a result of the longer dough-rising process, each slice is perfectly balanced, and the taste is even better thanks to premium Italian and local ingredients.

Our Italian pizza is also unique with its hydration level above 70%. Not only does this result in a less dry dough, but it also makes it tastier, and easier to digest.

Even if this dough needs to be handled completely differently and requires special technology to be
prepared compared to an average Neapolitan pizza, we still want to offer you the best possible taste
and the highest quality.

The result? One of the best pizzas in Budapest with our heart and soul baked into it – come and see for yourself in Neverland’s pizzeria!

One of the best pizzas in Budapest near Astoria – Reserve a table at our Neapolitan pizzeria!

You don’t have to travel far to try one of the best pizzas in Budapest. Neverland can be easily found near Astoria, in the heart of the capital of Hungary. We can’t wait to serve you at our Neapolitan pizzeria in Dohány street!

Treat yourself to a culinary delight in Budapest’s city center!

  • Easily digested
  • Tasty sourdough Neapolitan pizza, with premium toppings
  • Low-carb and low-GI pizza